Appartement te huur gezocht Maastricht

tot €1250

Oproep geplaatst op 26 januari 2022 om 12:05


Ik ben op zoek naar een appartement in Maastricht. Hoi goede middag!
Me (female 21) and my best friend (22) are looking for an apartment or studio or two rooms to rent in Maastricht. We REALLY REALLY need something very badly until April if possible. We are looking for something around 1000€ but if it has to it can go up tp 1200€. Two bedrooms and IF possible, part furnitured or full furnitured would be AWESOME. We arent students we both work fulltime. Shes and dental assistant and im a graphic designer and work as marketing manager at restaurant momus maastricht. You would help us alot if you would have something for us. Apartment or studio size doesnt matter we just like to have it furnitured a bit.

Thanks so much for your help and time in advance♡
My email is:


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Appartement huren Maastricht

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